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ALFA - Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU
In 2019, the peer-reviewed scientific journal ALFA put into operation its own webpage: https://alfa.stuba.sk/en/

The journal Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture ALFA has been published since 1996 (since 2020 under the current name Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU). The new design was created by Mgr. art. Juraj Blaško and Mgr. art. Matúš Lelovský in 2011. Since then it was also published with a new content structure: editorial, design research, research by design, (book, exhibition, conference, professional event) review, students' reflections, and summary of approved PhD theses. Since 2020, the journal has been issued again in a new form and solely in a full electronic form with open access at the official webpage of the journal.

The journal publishes primarily results of science exploration and research in the field of theory, practice, and historiography of architecture, urban, product design, and landscape architecture. Interdisciplinary scientific studies, for example from the area of graphic design, philosophy, psychology, sociology, art, culture, and education, are also welcome.

Current sections and instructions for authors: https://alfa.stuba.sk/en/information/

Editorial board 2018-22: https://alfa.stuba.sk/en/editorial-board/

Faculty of Architecture and Design STU - editorial office ALFA
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