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  • 05.10.2021
    • Life at FAD STU

      We are the only Faculty of Architecture and Design in Slovakia, so there are branches of study that can be studied only at our Faculty. We bring together art, science and technology. You can choose most studios and subjects by yourself according to what you enjoy the most.


      The graduates of FAD STU in Bratislava are qualified for a wide gamut of jobs. The quality of teaching itself is ensured by teachers, teacher assistants and professionals from business.

  • 02.09.2021
  • 24.08.2021
    • COVID-19 Useful Information

      Coming to Slovakia. Every person over 12 years of age coming to Slovakia has an obligation to register in the eHranica form. The rules of entry into Slovakia and subsequent home isolation are differentiated according...

  • 01.06.2021
    • WORKSHOP: Ephemeral Architecture

      A travelling visual artwork - workshop. Within the Ephemeral Architecture workshop a group of students will address the topic of “empathy”.

    • PROJECT: Empathy in Art

      The artistic inputs of students at the Creative centre of the Faculty has been an integral part of the educational, artistic and scientific activities at the FAD STU.