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Announcer of the competition

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Faculty of Architecture and Design
Námestie slobody 19,
812 45 Bratislava

represented by:
Assoc. prof. Ing. Eva Kráľová, CSc.
Ing. arch. Vladimír Hain, PhD.
Vice-Dean for Strategic Projects, PR and Social Affairs:
Ing. Michal Brašeň, ArtD.
e-mail: michal.brasen@stuba.sk

Dean: prof. Ing. arch. Pavel Gregor, PhD.
e-mail: pavel.gregor@stuba.sk

Aim and subject of the competition
The aim of the competition is to create a new modern logo and visual style, which will become part of building the identity of the project with special emphasis on selected railway monuments, a virtual route and all products of the project. The participants will get acquainted with the main idea and goals of the project, as well as with the historical and current context of the railway project in the V4 + V region. They will offer a complete design of information boards (shape, material, content, project logo), which will be placed in selected places - project stops. The unified visual style of the Rail4V4 + V project is an important part of project communication. The logo should be designed to present the destinations and routes of selected railway lines in each partner country and their activities. The creation of the label will primarily contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in the regions and the results of the competition will contribute to the promotion and interpretation of railway heritage not only within the European Union, which has declared 2021 European Year of Railways. The design of the visual form of the logo design should make visible the untapped potential of the historical railways, respond to current trends and correspond to the changing conditions in the media sphere and the travel sphere.

Type of competition and date of its announcement
International public competition for students of art, architecture and design and students of related disciplines from the participating 5 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia/Vojvodina). To the competition may sign an individual author or a group of two members of the team.

The competition is announced on: 01.09.2021
Application deadline: 01.11.2021
Competition evaluation: no later than: 15.11.2021

Attributes that the design of the new Rail4V4 + V logo should meet:
• Attractive, original and eye-catching
• Modern, current and timeless design
• Designed with a high expressive value
• Easy identification and memorability
• Respect for historic railways as heritage
• Highlighting their potential for the sustainable development of tourism in the regions
• Versatility of using the logo in the international context of all 5 partner countries

Conditions of inclusion and entry in the competition
The participant will deliver the competition report to the address of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava (FAD STU)

Námestie slobody 19,
812 45 Bratislava, Slovakia

Contact person for delivery of proposals:
Ing. arch. Vladimír Hain, PhD., ÚKAIS, room number: 307, tel.: 0904 471 618
To the sender address, the contestant will enter the text: Competition „logo Rail4V4+V “
or electronically to both of the following addresses:
vladimir.hain@stuba.sk, eva.kralova@stuba.sk

The competition proposal will include
01 Competition proposal 1 max. 3 A3 formats (landscape) with the authors signature in the lower right corner
02 Signed application by the deadline of the competition, t. j., no later than 01.11.2021. (for delivery by post, the imprint of the stamp with the date of submission is decisive). By signing and sending the application the participant confirms his / her agreement with the conditions of the competition, with the method of presentation and display, as well as with the use of personal data for the purposes of the competition and accompanying activities.

Applications and the text of the competition conditions are available at the following addresses

http://www.fa.stuba.sk/verejna-sutaz-logo , http://cultstore.org/projects/rail4v4v/

Conditions for submitting proposals
1. Each of the participants in the competition (individual, two-member team) can submit a maximum of 1 proposal.
2. Tender proposals must be processed and delivered by the tender deadline to the following extent:
2.1. Logo design
2.2. Color variants of the logo
2.3. Black and white variants of the logo
2.4. Typography - defining a font family for the whole identity
2.5. Defining used and company colors - basic and additional colors
2.6. Defining the layout of the presentation poster (700 x 1000 mm) of the resulting projects with using created identity, presentation layout (powerpoint, PDF, 16: 9), book title
2.7. Definition and philosophy of the logo - written justification (explanation) of the meaning of the proposed logo in relation to the Rail 4V4 + 5 project, (slogan / leitmotif)
2.8. The design of the info boards, which should include the project logo. Definition of the shape, material, text (basic info), QR code and of course the Project logo. The Project logo, colour scheme and font will be implemented on the web platform and all project materials. The cost of the Info Board should be max 300 eur
3. The proposal must be precisely identified by the submitter (identification data of the author/authors).
4. Tender proposals do not need to be delivered in printed form. It is necessary to attach them in electronic form (PDF) in a range of up to 3 A3 formats (landscape).

Without the above requirements, the proposal will not be accepted!

Selection committee
All submitted proposals will be evaluated and the best 3 of them will be selected by a 5-member expert jury composed of:
• assoc. prof. Milan Lukáč, akad. soch. - Head of the Institute of Fine Arts and Multimedia FAD STU
• prof. Peter Paliatka., akad. soch. - Institute of Design FAD STU
• Ing. arch. Zuzana Zacharová - Design factory, o.z.
• akad. mal. Milan Pagáč - director of the Josef Vydra School of Art Industry in Bratislava
• Mgr. Ing. Daniela Chrančoková, PhD. - representative from the regional self-government BBSK - specialist for tourism, Chairman of KOCR BBKT

Jury members and representatives of the announcer may not be participants in the competition. The jury will evaluate the proposals immediately after the end of the competition and in the order of the 3 best proposals will recommend to the delegated representatives of 5 partner countries for the announcement of results by: 15.11.2021

Evaluation criteria
• visual attractiveness, attractiveness
• clarity
• semantic clarity and functionality
• graphic, symbolic expression of the logo in relation to the mission of the project
• simplicity of subsequent technical implementation
• level of artistic and aesthetic design
• Easy color and black and white reproducibility
• originality and uniqueness of the design
• maintaining high recognizability when zooming in and out.

Publication of competition results
Participants will be informed of the result of the competition no later than 15 days after the end of the commission´s work. The announcer reserves the right to inform the embargo for the media until the date of the public announcement of the results of the competition. The results of the competition will be published on November 30, 2021 on the website http://www.fa.stuba.sk/, http://cultstore.org/projects/rail4v4v/. The organizers reserve the right to publish non-winning proposals.

1 st place 250 €.
2 nd place 150 €.
3 rd place 100 €.

Within 30 days of the publication of the results, CULT STORE will conclude a Contract with the winner of the competition and a License Agreement in which the winner of the competition will give the announcer consent to use the competition proposal and draft manual by granting an exclusive license to an unlimited extent and free of charge in accordance with Act no. 618/2003 Coll. on copyright and related rights.

To 30 days from the conclusion of the contract, the winner of the competition will deliver:
1. Logo design in vector format (*.svg *.pdf, *.eps)
2. Export to formats for further use (vector, bitmap) *.ai, *.eps, *.jpg
3. Logo manual; Minimum design requirements of the manual::
3.1. Symbolism - expresses what message the logo should leave, its philosophy (slogan),
3.2. Different variants of the logo - e.g. logotype A, B, C, 3.3. Color of logotypes A, B, C,
3.4. Colors - basic and additional (CMYK, RGB, PANTONE),
3.5. Permissible color backgrounds that can go under logotypes,
3.6. Logo design - drawing a logo in a square grid,
3.7. Protection zone - a space in which no other graphic element should interfere,
3.8. Minimum logo size
3.9. Prohibited modifications of logotypes - incorrect sizes and other deformations of logos crossed out,
3.10. Typography - defining a font family for the whole identity, fonts used in logotype or for printed matter,
3.11. Additional graphic elements (design of info board with logo and QR code),
3.12. Composition or logotype (poster 700x1000 mm, presentation 16: 9, A4, book title)

Dissemination / promotion of competition results
The competition will contribute to the development of awareness of students and the public about the importance of railway heritage in the V4 + Vojvodina region. The promotion of the results of the competition will be ensured in the form of a traveling exhibition prepared under the curatorial auspices of designfactory, o.z., which will be realized at FAD STU as well as in all partner countries. The results of the competition will contribute not only to the promotion and interpretation of the railway heritage in an original way, but also with their visuals.

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