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Head of the Institute
prof. akad. soch. Peter Paliatka

mail: peter.paliatka@stuba.sk
tel.: +421 (0) 905 201 046

Contact - secretariat:
Mgr. Jana Šimková

mail: jana.simkova@stuba.sk
tel.: +421 (2) 54 432 167
        +421 (0) 918 665 011 

Educational and research staff of the Institute:

doc. akad. soch. Peter Humaj
doc. akad. soch. Miroslav Zvonek, ArtD.
doc. Ing. Branislav Jelenčík, ArtD.
doc. Ing. Peter Olah, ArtD.
Ing. Michal Brašeň, ArtD.
Mgr. art. Martin Baláž, ArtD.
Mgr. art. Marián Králik, ArtD. 
Mgr. art. Michala Lipková, ArtD.
Mgr. art. Monika Stacho, ArtD.
Mgr. art. Radovan Pekník


About the Institute of Design

Its aim is to conduct the pedagogical process at the Institute. The core teaching areas include artistic and creative disciplines, supplemented with the theory and methodology of design and design work, also with history of arts and design, technical subjects (products construction technology and uses and processing of materials). A very important part of the study is the understanding of human behavior and their attitudes to the work environment, ergonomics, as well as ecological and aesthetic criteria of products. Creative design studios are the core subjects, where students develop the skills of model making. The manual and computer design methods are applied proportionately within the whole process of school training.
The core subjects include Design Basics I, II, Drawing, Model Making Studio, Industrial Design Studio I-IV, Physics of Shape, Technology, Model Making Techniques, Technical Mechanics, Constructions in Design, Typography, Graphic Design, History of Design, Surface Finishing, Technology of Product Constructions, Manufacturing Tools, Experimental Design Studio, Theory and Methodology of Design, Semiotics of Design, Integrated Studio, Visual Design – Studio, Mercantile Design – Studio, DTP – Studio.