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Ing. arch. Pavol Pauliny, PhD.

head of the institute

prof. Ing. arch. Jana Pohaničová, PhD.
prof. Ing. arch. Peter Vodrážka, PhD.
prof. Ing. arch. Matúš Dulla, DrSc.
prof. Ing. arch. Pavel Gregor, PhD.
prof. Dr. Ing. arch. Henrieta Moravčíková
doc. PhDr. Jarmila Bencová, PhD.
doc. Ing. arch. Nadežda Hrašková, PhD.
doc. Ing. Eva Kráľová, PhD.
doc. Ing. arch. Andrea Urlandová, PhD.
Ing. arch. Mgr. Andrej Botek, PhD.
Ing.arch. Nina Bartošová, PhD.
Ing. arch. Beata Polomová, PhD.
Ing. arch. Katarína Vošková, PhD.
Mgr. Danica Šoltésová, PhD.
Ing. arch. Michal Ganobjak, PhD.
Ing. arch. Štefan Bekeš, PhD.                    


Alica Smrčková   

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About the Institute  

The Institute is engaged in world and home history of architecture, general theory of architecture, and specialist terminology in architecture, urban planning and design. It is also engaged in artistic aspects of the architectural pieces of work.  The core activities of the Institute include research and publication within history and theory of architecture. The Institute also covers teaching of foreign languages for the field related purposes and foreign language terminology in the specific fields of architecture, urban planning and design.
The Institute guarantees the subjects taught on all of the three degrees of study, namely the subjects of Slovak and World History of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Design. The fine arts subjects like drawing, modelling, work of art in architecture are delivered for the Bachelor degree programme whereas present architecture topics are delivered for the Master degree programme. Theory and methodology topics as well as artistic historical topics are part of the PhD curriculum. Two foreign languages (English and German) are offered for the PhD students with specialisation in academic language.


The Institute covers, for the BSc architecture and urban planning curricula, compulsory subjects of History of Architecture and Fine Arts I-IV, Introduction to Architecture and Urban Planning and Drawing I-II, Architectural Drawing, Modelling, Fine Arts Seminar in Open Air, Colour, Studio Tutorial – Work of Fine Art, Theory of Architecture, Applied Sociology and Psychology, History of Fine and Applied Arts I-II and Foreign Languages – Professional Communication. Provided optional subjects are: Folk Architecture, Design in Architecture, Aesthetics in Architecture, Interpretation in Architecture and Theory of Space.
Compulsory optional subjects are foreign languages, namely English, German and French. The languages programme is concentrated in professional language skills and the field related terminology.
The Institute covers, for the MSc (Ing. arch.) curriculum, compulsory subjects of Methods of Research Work, Current Trends in Architecture and Urban Planning, Studio Tutorial I-III, Trends of Modern Architecture and Urban Planning, and Management and Legislative Means.
Compulsory optional subjects are: Development of Interior and Furniture, Experiment Fine Art Creation, Fine Art as Part of Interior, Research, Theory and Philosophy Concepts of Living, History and Morphology of Public Functions.

Science and Research

Grant Projects VEGA

DULLA, Matúš et al.: Modernity: Structure of Personalities and Capacity of their Influence. Grant VEGA  No. 165/05 (1/2123/05). 2005-2007.
HRAŠKOVÁ, Nadežda et al.:  Architecture of Cyber Culture. VEGA No. 147/03 (1/0334/03). 2003-2005.
URLANDOVÁ, Andrea – TRNKUS, Filip: Colour: a Qualitative Criterion of Urban Environment. Theoretical and conceptual perspectives of colours in urban environment.  Grant VEGA No. 146/05. 2005-2007.
BAŠOVÁ, Silvia et al.: Square a Spatial Phenomenon of Urban Structure. Grant VEGA No. 145/03 (1/0331/03). 2003-2005.

Grant Projects KEGA

KRIVOŠOVÁ, Janka et al.: Architecture and Arts of 19th century: Starting Points, Artistic, and Technology Contribution. Grant KEGA No.  3/2216/04. 2004-2006.

Projects of International Cooperation

HRAŠKOVÁ Nadežda – FLACHBART Georg: (mind21factory-Stuttgart-Frankfurt-Berlin-Kremnica): Kremnica – SCEI, MVTS No. 6/02.
KARDOŠ, Peter – URLANDOVÁ, Andrea: Identity of  the City Structure. Cooperation: Institut für Stadtplanung und Städtebau Universität Duisburg-Essen, École d´Architecture de Lyon, FA STU Bratislava. Project of bilateral cooperation. No. 10/04/MVTS (FA STU). 2004-2005.



ARCHLEBOVÁ, Jarmila et al.: English for Students of Public Administration, Regional Devlopment, European Integration. Bratislava : Geo–grafika, 2005. 146 p. - ISBN 80-969338-2-5.
BREČKOVÁ, Danica: English For Designers. Professional Communication Basics. - Bratislava : EPOS, 2005. 143 p. - ISBN: 80-8057-653-X.
DULLA, Matúš et al.: Masters of Architecture. Bratislava : PERFEKT,  2005. 87 p. - ISBN 80-8046-312-3.
ZÁHORCOVÁ, Jana et al: Kommunikation in der Landwirtschaft. München – Plzeň : Goethe-Institut - Fraus, 2005. - ISBN 80-7238-318-3. (spracovanie nemecko–slovenského slovníka termínov na CD-ROM).


ANDRÁŠIOVÁ, Katarína: Works of Masters in Light of their Ideas and Life Stories. In: ARCH. - ISSN 1335-3268. – Vol. 10, No. 3(2005), p. 53.
BENCOVÁ, Jarmila: Explanatory Vocabulary of Architecture. II. In: www.fa.stuba.sk/udt/slovnik/start.htm
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POHANIČOVÁ, Jana: The Sztáray Chappel in Michalovce In: Pamiatky a múzeá. – ISSN 1335-4353.  – Vol. 53, No. 4 (2005), p. 19-23.
RATIMORSKÁ, J.: Recollection of Le Corbusier. In: Projekt. - ISSN 1335-2180. – Vol.47, No. 3(2005), p. 60-61.

Conference Proceedings

GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Art slovaque á la Cité Internationale des Arts. Exhibition Catalogue – Paris: Press Davidesign, production FO ART. 2005.
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Borderline Cases in Medal Art. Exhibition Catalogue – Budapest: NKA – Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram. 2005. - ISBN 963-219-045-9.
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Esposicao de Medalhas Contemporaneas Eslovacas. Katalóg výstavy - Lisboa: Ficha Técnica. Catálogo DGF – INCM. Depósito Legal No. 228886/05. 2005.
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: In: Popelka, Rastislav: Kremnica and Its Symposium of Medals. In: Médailles 2005 (The magazine of FIDEM). Porvoon (Finland): Porvoon Offsetpaino Oy. 2005. – P. 29, 31, 32.
KRÁLIK, Dušan: Realism and Reality. A continuous exhibition of Slovak Artistic works of the 20th century. Exhibition Catalogue – Bratislava: The Galéria mesta Bratislavy.
URLANDOVÁ, Andrea: The Impact of Colour on Urban Space Quality. In: Urban Space, motion and emotion: Book of Abstracts of the 7th EAEA Conference in Dortmund. – FH Dortmund, 2005, - P. 8.


BENCOVÁ, Jarmila: Architecture that Shines. Colloquium  Trnavská University, Trnava 2005.
DULLA, M.: Miejsca bez powrotu. Cmentarze Galicyjskie architekta słowackiego Dušana Jurkoviča. Scientific conference. Gorlice. May 2005.

Creative activity

Fine arts

ILAVSKÝ, Jozef: Illustrations. In: SPUSTOVÁ, Gabriela: Deep waters. Trnava: HKPS, 2005. ISBN 80-89214-05-3.
KELLENBERGER, Martin: Illustrations. In: FRIEDOVÁ,  Libuša: Fairy Tales from Wardrobe. - 1. ed. - Bratislava : Regent, 2005. ISBN 80-88904-36-6.
KELLENBERGER, Martin: Illustrations. In: MORAVČÍK, Štefan: The World Turns Blind Eye to it. Martin: Published by: Vydavateľstvo Matice slovenskej, s r. o. 2005.  58 p. - ISBN 80-89208-12-6.
KELLENBERGER, Martin: Illustrations. In: SLIACKY, Ondrej: Slovak Picture Tales. Martin: Published by: Vydavateľstvo Matice slovenskej, s. r. o. 2005. - ISBN 80-89208-10-X.
KRÁLIK, Dušan – ZAJÍČEK, Gabriel: Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary in Mariánka. Design of architectural and artistic concepts for the interior. Study. December 2005. 70%, 30%.
Furnishings: altar (stone and bronze), ambóna (stone and bronze), crucifix (stone and bronze), sedes (wood, oak). December 2005. 70%, 30%.
KUBINSKÝ, Bohuš:  Andy Warhol Statue. Camouflage restaurant. Bratislava. 2005.
KUBINSKÝ, Bohuš: Memorial Plaque for František Šesták – Sazovice. Zlín - Czech Republic. 2005.
PLOCZEKOVÁ, Eva: Design Manual. Falco Slovakia, s. r. o., Bratislava. 2005.
PLOCZEKOVÁ, Eva: Pictures, Stations of the Cross - 2 pieces, 5 pictures for the exhibition in Čičov. 2005.

Architectural Works

HRAŠKOVÁ, Nadežda: Kremnica - The Dolná St 46. Design of front facades´ renovation and use of loft spaces in a civic house. Architectural project. December 2005.
POHANIČ, Igor – POHANIČOVÁ, Jana: Urban architectural study of a housing zone Most pri Bratislave - local area Studené. Changes and additions in an urban plan. Jun 2005. 80%, 20%.
URLANDOVÁ, Andrea: Levice – housing area Vinohrady. A study for the colour solution of facades for housing structures. 2005.


GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Borderline Cases in Medal Art. Budapest: Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists. 20.5.-1.6.2005.
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Art slovaque á la Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris: Cité Internationale des Arts. 1.6.-11.6.2005. MK SR and The Fine Artists Fund).
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Esposicao de Medalhas Contemporaneas Eslovacas. Lisboa (Portugalsko): Casa da Moeda. 23.6-29.7.2005.
KUBINSKÝ, Bohuš: Macht und Liebe. Schloss Halbturn. 22.4.-26.10.2005. Austria.GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Slovak Arts. Bratislava: The Galery of French Institute. 5.10.-31.10.2005.
GÁSPÁROVÁ–ILLÉŠOVÁ, Gabriela: Slovak Medal 1995-2005. Kremnica: Gallery NBS – Museum of Coins and Medals. 15.12.2005-17.2.2006.
HOBOR, Jozef: Jozef Hobor and Jaroslava Hoborová. Pezinok: Gallery Prokop. 18.3-17.4.2005.
ILAVSKÝ, Jozef: 4th international exhibition ART.  Selection of coins of J. Ilavský. Bratislava: Exhibition and congress centre Incheba Expo Bratislava. 19.10.-23.12.2005.
KELLENBERGER, Martin: Itinerárium (paintings and graphics). Bratislava: Gallery Michalský dvor. 6.9.-2.10.2005.
KUBINSKÝ, Bohuš: Statue in Parks of Piešťany. Piešťany – Kúpeľný ostrov. Jun-August 2005.