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Head of the Institute
doc. akad. soch. Milan Lukáč                              

doc. akad. soch. Peter Paliatka                               

doc. Mgr. Ľubomír Horník, ArtD.                          

doc. akad. soch. Peter Lehocký                              

doc. akad. soch. Peter Humaj                                 

doc. akad. soch. Dušan Králik                                

doc. MUDr. Emil Huraj, CSc.                                

doc. akad. soch. Gabriela Illéšová-Gáspárová        

doc. akad. mal. Jozef Ilavský                                  

akad. soch. Jozef Hobor                                          

akad. soch. Marian Drugda, ArtD.                          

Ing. arch. Juraj Furdík, CSc.                                   

Mgr. art. Hedviga Harvánková                               

Mgr. Martin Kellenberger                                       

Ing. arch. Viera Joklová                                           

Mgr. Bohuš Kubinský                                             

Mgr. art. Eva Ploczeková                                        

Ing. arch. Igor Koščo, CSc.                                     

akad. mal. Milan Lehmden                                      

Ing. arch. Ján Šillinger                                             

Ing. Tomáš Nagy                                                     

akad. mal. Vladimír Petrík                                       

Mgr. art. Silvia Saparová, ArtD.                              

Ing. arch. Monika Šmíralová                                     

Roman Adámek                                                      

Tibor Jakubec                                                           

Milada Kovácsová                                                  

Janka Saparová                                                        


Margita Bőlcsová
Tel.: + 421-2-5443 2167
e-mail: bolcsova@fa.stuba.sk
Marcela Viskupičová
Hana Bukovčanová,
Tel.: + 421-2-5729 4464
fax: + 421-2- 5292 1533
e-mail: kpd@fa.stuba.sk


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About the Institute

The Institute comprises departments focusing on design, multimedia and information and communication technologies. It is characterized by the specialized teaching in the artistic field of design that determines the character of work at the Institute. The artistic field of design can be taken on undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. The main aim of the Institute is to develop students’ creative potential within the whole process of designers’ training, i.e. to present students with the most possible complex information in the field of humanities and technical sciences; to teach them to be able to use artistic expression; to gain manual skills and to allow them to express their individual creativity.
Video production, photography and multimedia are the other fields of the Institute. The Department of Computer Aided Architectural and Urban Design plays an important role in the process of using new information and communication technologies in the creative work and realizations of architectural and design projects.
The Institute curricula are accredited for all degree levels.

The Department of Design

Its aim is to conduct the pedagogical process at the Institute. The core teaching areas include artistic and creative disciplines, supplemented with the theory and methodology of design and design work, also with history of arts and design, technical subjects (products construction technology and uses and processing of materials). A very important part of the study is the understanding of human behavior and their attitudes to the work environment, ergonomics, as well as ecological and aesthetic criteria of products. Creative design studios are the core subjects, where students develop the skills of model making. The manual and computer design methods are applied proportionately within the whole process of school training.
The core subjects include Design Basics I, II, Drawing, Model Making Studio, Industrial Design Studio I-IV, Physics of Shape, Technology, Model Making Techniques, Technical Mechanics, Constructions in Design, Typography, Graphic Design, History of Design, Surface Finishing, Technology of Product Constructions, Manufacturing Tools, Experimental Design Studio, Theory and Methodology of Design, Semiotics of Design, Integrated Studio, Visual Design – Studio, Mercantile Design – Studio, DTP – Studio.

The Department of Video and Photo Production

Its primary focus is on multimedia and photography teaching. It gives instruction in the core programmes of visual design and multimedia thus extending the scope of Design programme of communication design. Therefore, graphic design is also a part of the curriculum.
Bachelor curriculum introduces basic information it the field of aesthetics, audiovisual media and photography, i.e. it aims to help students to transform technical knowledge into photography, while working with a camera and at photography workshops to test and acquire photographic skills and experience. Students also get involved in the practical demonstrations of audio-video technology where they learn to perceive time and space, distinctiveness and coherence of a kinetic picture.

The MA curriculum at the Institute of Design focuses on visual communication and multimedia design. Students are introduced to specific knowledge and training in the area of graphic design and multimedia product design. Basic typography criteria, complete technology of graphic, photographic and multimedia products are practiced and later employed in their creative work. Students are able to process a complex photographic or multimedia artwork, do complete editing, conduct a user research and propose suitable form and structure of final product. They are able to analyze problems of any brief task, can work with a video camera, conduct photographic techniques, and also are able of computer processing of audio-visual materials, create www presentations, multimedia lectures, campaigns and public relations; they get graphic and multimedia basics in advertisement production, where they make use of digital recording and its processing on professional level. Students master AV media editing and processing. Digital photography and film are commonly applied in they work, they have practical experience of photography and all kinetic design genres.

The Department of Computer Aided Architectural and Urban Design

The main focus of the Department lies in the application of information, communication technologies and computer media in the processes of environment design with a close relation to architecture, urbanism, design, landscape and spatial planning within pedagogical, research and creative framework.
The Department covers teaching of graphic systems, three-dimensional modeling, and computer aided design, as well as highly professional presentations of creative work by multimedia systems.
The lectures focus on technical and programme means of computer graphics, on application of IKT in architecture, urban planning and design work, also on comparison of various graphic systems. Tutorials deal with practical applications of graphic systems in students’ studio work assignments.
Education on MA level aims at specialized studio work with overall multimedia support of architectural, urban, interior and design work.
The core subjects of the BA curriculum are Computer aided architectural, urban and design work, Computer composition and presentation and 3D modeling. Among the elective subjects are the following: Computer aided studio work, Computer aided special studio and Special design studio.
The core subjects of MA study are specialized studios of CAAD, CAID, CAUD and CALAD and Virtual design.
The core subjects provided for the Design students are: Basics in Designing I, II, Drawing, Studio Modeling, Model Building Techniques, Technical Mechanics, Types of Structures in Product Design, Typeface, Graphic Design, History of design, Surfacing, Technology of Product Structures, Production Machines, Experimental Design studio, Theory and Methods in Design, Semiotics in Design, Integrated Studio, Studio in Visual Design, Studio in Marketing Design, DTP Studio.

Science and Research

Department of Computer Aided Architectural and Urban Design has ample contacts with foreign institutions and international research cooperation, namely within the ECAAD (Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe), a SOCRATES / ERASNUS mobility programme with University of Luton, UK, UPMF in Grenoble, France, University of Tennessee, USA, as well as the cooperation within the international consortium of the LUDA partners.

Grant Projects KEGA

KOŠČO, Igor: Let’s Get Together  – crossroads of ideas and thoughts. Grant KEGA MŠ 3/3262/05. 2005 – 2007. Coordinated by KOŠČO, Igor - FA STU, Bratislava. Co-authors: Peter Bzdúch - VŠMU, Bratislava – Viera Joklová - FA STU, Bratislava. Partner organisations: VÚDPP SAV, VŠMU, Bratislava. The aim of the research and educational project is to seek for mutual connection of various kinds of artistic fields and technology that would enable mutual communication, creative inspirations and exchange of viewpoints through information technologies and multimedia.
PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: Ernest Zmeták a Notable Personality in Creating National Cultural Heritage. Grant KEGA No. 3/03. 2004 - 2005.
HORNÍK, Ľubomír: Artistic Forms in Communication Design. Grant KEGA No. 14/05.
HORNÍK, Ľubomír: Design, an Interdisciplinary Study. For Interactive Digital Media comp. Grant solved by Assoc. Prof. Ing. M. Šperka. Grant KEGA No. 16/05.

International Cooperation Projects

KOŠČO, Igor - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Methods of IKT, use in architecture education and application in international cooperation.  Project MVTS (2005 – 2007). Coordinated by: Igor Koščo - FA STU Bratislava a Garry Leyden - University of Luton, UK.
Cooperation with Peter Lizoň University of Tennessee, U.S.A. and foreign students under Socrates/Erasmus at FA STU.

FURDÍK, Juraj et al: LUDA – Large Urban Distressed Area – Project of the 5th Frame Programme (2003 – 2006) on topic of Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development. LUDA is a research project of section 4: A City of Future and Cultural Heritage. Research participants of Bratislava Rača additional staff.
Most of the European cities have large urban areas, which through their historical development came to a considerable violation of environment, economy and social qualities of the settled areas. At present, these areas need urgent improvement of quality of life.
Especially in the first periods of improvement and urban rehabilitation, the resources are used in an uneconomical way, which is followed by further degradation of their use, and make the later area development more complicated. This is in contradiction with visions of strategic development: there are three main areas of problems: the vastitude of these areas, complexity of problems and unclear future development. LUDA is aiming at facing these problems by providing methods and means for the strategic access to urban rehabilitation. It also seeks to support the cities in their initiatives and management of new solutions. The main aim of the project is to contribute to improvement of quality of life in large urban distressed areas.

KOŠČO, Igor: Project between two universities: The University of Luton, UK
Aad the FA STU. 2005.

ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika: An Intensive  Socrates/Erasmus Programme:
Responsible Use of Soil and Land and Regional Development. University of
Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences - BOKU, Vienna.

PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít (cooperation): Memorial of Czech German and Jewish Coexistence, Hartmanice. Financed by European Community INTERREG IIIA. 2005.


HORNÍK, Ľubomír: In Respect to Native Country, Working Man, Woman, and Love. Assoc. Prof. akad. mal. Jozef Ilavský 65 years old. In: SPEKTRUM. – ISSN
1336-2593. Vol. 12(44), No. 3, p.12.
JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Crossroads for Ideas. In: SPEKTRUM. – ISSN 1336-2593. Vol. 11(43), No. 9(2005), p. 12-13.
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PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: Architecture and Science. In: ALFA Spectra FA STU – Architektonické listy FA STU.  ISSN 1135- ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika: LUDA Progress in Bratislava Rača. Presentation for LUDA workshop in Paris. 19.9.2005.2679. Vol. 8, No.4 (2004), p. 3-4.
PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: Face of Shape: On the Relations Between Arts, Technology, Ethics and Design at the Beginning of 21st Century.  In: ALFA Spectra FA STU – Architektonické listy. – ISSN 1135-2679. Vol. 9, No.3-4 (2005), p. 3-7.
PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: The Institute of Design. Fifteen Years of Design at FA STU. In: Katalóg k výstave.  Bratislava : FA STU,  2005. – P. l.


LUDA conference and workshop. FA STU Bratislava 20.-22.2005. Inspection of the LUDA area in  Rača


JOKLOVÁ, Viera - BZDÚCH, Peter: International Workshop Happening: Crossroads of Ideas. The KEGA meeting to the project with international participation. 26.4.2005. FA STU Bratislava.
KOŠČO, Igor - JOKLOVÁ, Viera - BZDÚCH , Peter - LEYDEN, Garry:
International seminar and presentation of the IKT and synchronised distant communication in education
FA STU, Bratislava - VŠMU, Bratislava – University of Luton. 28.9.2005. FA STU, Bratislava - Luton, UK
Ľudovít: International workshop and scientific seminar Synergy of Different Kinds of Art, Science  and Technology.  IKT in e-learning and distant education. Institute of Design FA STU Bratislava. 7.12.2005.

Research Papers

FURDÍK, Juraj: Application of research and professional experience in solution of a land segment of the city of Trenčín, affected by modernisation of a railway line. Scientific  colloquium: Core Directions of Science and research Development in 2006-2010. 11.11.2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj - JOKLOVÁ, Viera – STUPÁKOVÁ, Ingrid – ANDRÁŠ, Milan: Case Study Bratislava Rača. Presentation for LUDA workshop. Florence 11.3.2005.
JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Bratislava Rača LUDA City Partner – Problems, Potentials, Achievements. Lecture within an international summer school for PhD students. 2005.  FA STU Bratislava.
JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Work Progress – Bratislava Rača – presentation for LUDA workshop Bratislava. 20.5.2005. FA STU Bratislava.
KOŠČO, Igor - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: European Centre of Cooperation in Education: presentation of the research project.
In : A Meeting with the RIBA President. London 30.9.2005.
KOŠČO, Igor - BZDÚCH, Peter - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: European Centre of Cooperation - presentation of the research project: Cultural Attaché of the Slovak Embassy in London. September 2005.
KOŠČO, Igor - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Synergy of Different Kinds of Art, Science and Technology. IKT in e-learning and distant education. .  IKT in e-learning and distant education. IKT in e-learning and distant education. Introduction. In: International Workshop and Seminar. Institute of Design FA STU Bratislava. 7.12. 2005.
KOŠČO, Igor - JOKLOVÁ, Viera - BZDÚCH, Peter - LEYDEN,
Garry: Synchronised distant communication. Presentation on a workshop for foreign PhD students in the project of FUTURE – eCity. 28.9.2005. FA STU Bratislava.
ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika: LUDA Progress in Bratislava Rača. Presentation for LUDA workshop in Paris. 19.9.2005.
ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika: Presentation LUDA, the Rača area.
In: Site visit. Bratislava LUDA workshop. 22.5.2005.
ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika: Using GIS as a Means of Identification of Future  Urban Development. Presentation within DIT Futures Academy Colloquium - Scenarios for Ireland 2025. 24.2.2005. Roundwood House, Co. Laois IKT in e-learning and distant education Ireland.
PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: Eva Jiřičná and her Profile. Introduction of her monograph. IN/EXTERIOR. FA STU Bratislava and TECHO Centrum. November 2005.

International  Posters

FURDÍK, Juraj: Presentation of the renovation of railway line in a land segment of the city of Trenčín and a LUDA project Žabí majer – Východné Rača Bratislava. 4 posters. Conference and workshop Kassel Germany. 5/2005.
ŠMIRALOVÁ, Monika - STUPÁKOVÁ, Ingrid - JOKLOVÁ, Viera - FURDÍK, Juraj: Case Study Bratislava Rača. 12 Posters. In: LUDA Conference. 20.5.– 22.5.2005. FA STU Bratislava.
JOKLOVÁ, Viera - KOŠČO, Igor: Research and Education in the Department of Computer Aided Architectural Design – 5 Posters for the Exhibition of Department of Design, 6 posters. In: Conference Crossroads of Ideas – Let’s Get Together, 7.12.2005. Institute of Design FA STU Bratislava.

Artistic Symposia

LEHOCKÝ,  Peter: Metal Inspiration. USS Košice. September 2005.
LUKÁČ, Milan: ZIEL 1 = KUNST = ZIEL 1. Krach und Eintracht. 25.8.2005.

Artistic Works

LUKÁČ, Milan: Gurman  Award 2005. Bronze struck medal.
(7 cm ) and a graphic letter – coloured etching.( A3) (50 pieces - numbered).
The award is presented by the Gurman Klub Slovensko.
LUKÁČ, Milan: Memorial relief A Land of Dreams - Honour to Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Kadlic. Located in meeting hall of Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine in Bratislava, Kramáre.

Architectural works 

FURDÍK, Juraj -  GÁL, Peter: Apartment house in Betliarska St. Bratislava. Project. PC - ARCH FA STU Bratislava. 8/2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj -  GÁL, Peter: Apartment house Kramáre  - Uhrova St. Project. PC - ARCH FA STU Bratislava. 10/2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj - GÁL, Peter: Submontane land stripe: a land use plan. Project. PC - ARCH FA STU Bratislava. 9/2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj - GÁL, Peter: Architectural and urban planning study of a low-rise apartment development. Project. PC - ARCH FA STU Bratislava. 10/2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj - GÁL, Peter - JOKLOVÁ, Viera - MEČIAR, Ivor -
RIZIKY, Lenka: Solution variants for a functional use, transportation connection and technical services. Building sites No. 18061/1, 2, and 3
Bratislava M.Č. Nové Mesto. Jun 2005.
FURDÍK, Juraj - GÁL, Peter - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Identification of a solved area in an UPN BA proposal. 2004. Building sites No. 18061/1, 2, 3 Bratislava M.Č. Nové Mesto. April 2005.
FURDÍK, Juraj et al: Záhorská Bystrica – Krče. Urban study of a zone. 4/2005. Bratislava.
FURDÍK, Juraj – GÁL, Peter: Low-rise apartment development zone Na Dušnicku Chyne. Study – facility management. 7/2005.
FURDÍK, Juraj: Information and Guidance Boards. ITA. Project. 11/2005. Bratislava.
JOKLOVÁ, Viera - FURDÍK, Juraj – STUPÁKOVÁ, Ingrid:
Identification LUDA Rača in ÚPN BA 2004. March 2005.
KOŠČO, Igor: Tobogan Nitra. 
City outdoor swimming pool. Nitra. Jun 2005.
KOŠČO, Igor - Mečiar, Ivor:  Reconstruction of a family house to a hospice.
Vysoká pri Morave. Architectural study. October 2005.
Artistic Exhibitions Abroad         

PETRÁNSKY Ľudovít et al.: Multimedia exposition of the Memorial of Czech-German-Jewish Coexistence. Hartmanice. 2005.

SAPAROVÁ, Silvia: Private Woman. IV. International photo festival in Lodž.
Museum of cinematography. Lodź, PL 2005.
The aim of the exhibition is to introduce Slovak photographers and their works on women topics. The works represent, in particular, a voice of only one generation of photographers. They all  are already well known artists.  
SAPAROVÁ, Silvia: Title less on the Top. DK Metropol. České Budějovice, CZ. 2005.
This exhibition consists of four independent presentations of four Slovak photographers: T. A. Blonský, J. Hojstričová, S. Saparová and D. Horáková.
ANTAL, Eduard: 25 authors UBS from the members´ exhibition. Slovak Institute in Warsaw 
Poland. 25.8. - 31.8.2005.
ANTAL, Eduard: 21 authors UBS Slovak Institute in Warsaw Poland 9.2. -31.2.2005.
              Vienna, Austria, 10.6.- 22. 6.2005.
DRUGDA, Marian: Mobil MADI Museum. Artistic Centre of Jozef Attila. Budapest – Hungary. 13.1. – 20.2.2005.
DRUGDA, Marian: Arte MADI. Lycée Professionnel, Jeran Perrin, Longiumeau, France. 2.2.-28. 2. 2005. 
DRUGDA, Marian: UBS. Slovak Institute in Warsaw Poland 9.2.-31.2.2005.                  DRUGDA, Marian: Graphics. Mobil MADI Museum. MADI Gallery. Gyor - Hungary. 1.7.-2.9.2005.
DRUGDA, Marian: From the collections of the MADI museum. Museu MADI Sobral. Sobral - Brazil. 1. 7. 2005.
DRUGDA, Marian: Po drugiej stronie TATR. Slovak Institute in Warsaw Poland 8.7.- 30.7.2005 a 14.12.2005-31.1.2006.
DRUGDA, Marian: MADI. Centre ďArt Geometrique. Paris – France. 7.10. - 5.11.2005.              
LUKÁČ, Milan: The Moon to be Seen.  Novoměstská radnice Prague (A town hall Prague). Czech Republic.
2.2.2005 – 3.3.2005.
LUKÁČ, Milan: Charmes slaves. L´ Espace 16. Place Denfert-Rochereau. Paris.
1.6.2005 – 12.6.2005.
LUKÁČ, Milan: L ´art slovaque a la Cité Internationale des Arts. Galeria Cité Internationale des Arts. 18 rue de ľ Hôtel de Ville. Paris. 1.6.2005 – 11.6.2005.
LUKÁČ, Milan: ZIEL 1 = KUNST = ZIEL 1Krach und Eintracht. KUGA – Grosswarasdorf. Burgenland – Austria 2.12.2005 – 31.1.2006.

Home Artistic Exhibitions 

KOŠČO, Igor: Family. A sculptural group created for the International symposium and open air presentation. VAGUS. Nová Bošáca. July 2005.
The artistic work is presented in the village of Nová Bošáca.
PETRÁNSKY, Ľudovít: Ceramics and Juraj Marth. The SPP gallery.
Bratislava. 2005.
SAPAROVÁ, Silvia: The Feminine Phenomenon. Open Gallery Bratislava.
The exhibition presents feminine topics like the body, corporeality and place of a woman in present society.
The exhibition presents the PhD study works of the author on the Department of Photography and New Media at VŠVU in Bratislava.
SAPAROVÁ, Silvia: Sapara2. The Gallery of Young - Nitrianska Gallery. Nitra
The exhibition presents the a sibling couple: the photographer Sylvia and her brother, a sculptor, Juraj Sapara. It is the first joint presentation of the two. The Saparas created a dialogue of two different media: a two-dimensional photography and a three-dimensional object.
SAPAROVÁ, Silvia: Meeting Point. Galéria Médium. Bratislava.
The exhibition presents the present Slovak photographers, who apart from their creative activities are PhD students at VŠVU Bratislava. Presented were the photography works by: S. Saparová, J. Hojstričová, D. Horáková, R. Kmeťová a T. A. Blonski.
ANTAL, Eduard: Auction of the present arts. Bonjour Apollo Business Centre. Bratislava. 16.5.2005 – 22.5 2005.
ANTAL, Eduard: Fine arts competition of the Slovak Olympic performance at the XX. Olympic Games in Turin 2006. November 2005.
HUMAJ, Peter -  PALIATKA, Peter: Design in Slovakia. Dvorana MK. Bratislava. 3.11.-30.11 2005.
LUKÁČ, Milan:  Hommage a Karel Appel. Danubiana - Meulensteen Art Museum. Čuňovo. 9.9.2005 – 12.12.2006.
LUKÁČ, Milan: Slovak Medal 1995 – 2005. The NBS Gallery – Museum of coins and medals. Kremnica. 15.12.2005 - 17.2.2006.

Author’s Exhibition

HAMŽÍKOVÁ, Hedviga: White World. Urbia holding. A year-round exhibition. Bratislava.

Architectural Exhibitions at Home

FURDÍK, Juraj - JOKLOVÁ, Viera: a 6th year of a nation-wide student competition CAD 2005. Under the auspices of the FA STU Dean Prof. Ing. arch. P. Gál, PhD.
International jury (6.10.2005 FA STU Bratislava)
Awards handed in on 18.10.2005, FA STU Bratislava.

Students of Slovak Technical and Artistic Universities
If you use computer aided design at working out of your student assignments, regardless to software you use, enter your works to a CAD 2005, organised by Department of Computer Aided Design (FA STU) in Bratislava:
6th year of nation-wide competition 
CAD 2005 on the best studio design or project worked out by computer aids in academic year 2004/05

JOKLOVÁ, Viera: Exhibition: Presented competition entries CAD 2005.
12.10.-21.10.2005. Entrance hall FA STU Bratislava.