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Head of the Institute
Prof. Ing. arch. akad. arch. Ivan Petelen, PhD.
tel. +421-2- 57 276 441, petelen@fa.stuba.sk

Doc. Ing. arch. Viera Lichardová, PhD deputy-head
+421 2 57276 444, č.miest.448 viera.lichardova@stuba.sk   
Ing. arch. Michal C. Hronský, PhD secretary
+421 2 57276 445, č.miest.450, michal.hronsky@stuba.sk
Ing. arch. Peter Daniel, PhD. 
kl. 445, č.miest.450, peter.daniel@stuba.sk
Ing. arch. Oľga Janáková, PhD,
kl. 444, č.miest.448, olga.janakova@stuba.sk
Ing. Veronika Kotradyová, PhD.,
kl.  440, č.miestn.455, kotradyova@fa.stuba.sk
Ing. arch. Michal Lalinský
Ing. arch. Katarína Morávková 
kl. 434, č. miestn. 441, moravkova.katarina@post.sk
Doc.Ing.arch. Jana Vinarčíková, PhD. 
kl.444, č.miestn.449,  janavinarcikova@hotmail.com

PhD students
Ing. Dušan Kočlík,
Mgr. art. Laura Vršková
Ing. arch. Tomáš Umrian
Ing. arch. Igor Salcer
Mgr. art. Kristýna Nunhardtová
(kl. 447, č.miestn. 452) 

Helena Kurhajcová, sekretariát,
kl. 442, č.miestn. 447, kurhajcova@fa.stuba.sk
Zuzana Hasajová

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About the Institute

The Institute gives basic theoretical instruction at the BSc level in the field of the interior; and open studio work aimed at the application of historic setting design principles in the third year. The MSc subjects are as follows:
Interior Composition
Furniture Construction
Residential Interiors
Theory and Methodology of Interior Design, and others.
Practical training within studio work (4 terms) arises from knowledge gained at theoretical subjects; students work on projects from a concept phase to a detailed specification of their assignments, and from constructional building elements to the interior specifications and furnishing. The students of the A4 study programme must complete a final Master project, which proves a student’s ability to accomplish an interior design project independently.

Grant Projects VEGA

VINÁRČIKOVÁ, Jana (project manager): Innovative Forms in Public Ground Floor Solutions and their Use in the Remedial Process of Urban Setting. No. 1/2125/05 - FA 168/05. Co-researches: I. Petelen, O. Janáková and V. Lichardová.

Grant Project KEGA

PETELEN, Ivan (project manager) et al.: Creation and Coordination of Degree Programmes Transformation within Interdisciplinary Curricula -- Industrial Design of Furniture (DF TU Zvolen) and Interior, Exhibition Design, Stage Design (FA STU Bratislava) into a new degree programme – Interior Design. No. 3/2212/04 - FA 11/04.

Projects of International Cooperation

PETELEN, Ivan: supervisor for the SK in the joint project with the Czech Republic, (SOCRATES/ERASMUS).