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Faculty of Architecture

The teaching of architecture at the STU began in 1946, making the Faculty of Architecture (FA) the newest addition to the Slovak University of Technology (STU) Faculty. At that time the Department of Architecture and Structural Engineering was established as a part of the Structural Engineering Branch at Slovak Polytechnic (SVŠT), today called the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The names of such professors as E. Belluš, E. Kramár, V. Karfik, E. Hruška, J.E. Koula, A. Piffl, V. Chrobák, and A. Hannauer are inseparably linked with the establishment of this department. In 1949, the department became an independent branch of Architecture and Construction Engineering, which in 1950 changed its name to the Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering (FAPS). Although in 1960, the independent FAPS again became part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, in 1976 the Faculty of Architecture began to function as an independent faculty. In 1989, the application of a two-level system of university study was introduced along with various study programs and the re-organization of the Faculty structure to achieve optimization.

The Faculty of Architecture STU is the largest educational institution for architects in the Slovak Republic. The trends of the Faculty are developed and based on ongoing development of the "university platform" of University Education. Bound to it is the recently realized innovation of the Faculty's profile and its education activities within the bachelor's, master's and PhD. study programs. The profile reflects university principles and establishes a condition for professional performance within the home country and the EU framework. In this respect there is a clear orientation to prepare architects, urban planners and designers within a creative framework. The present two-year tier system of study focuses on the preparedness of a graduate. Awareness in the art and theory subjects is emphasized, as well as in a variety of technical and design subjects from urban planning to interior design.

The Faculty of Architecture is situated in a building designed by Emil Belluš, the most important Slovak architect in the last century and the founder of the school for whom the hall "Aula of Professor Belluš" (residing within the college) is named. In addition to such lecture classrooms, studios, computer facilities and the Faculty library which holds significant professional books and journals (many which are internationally acclaimed) may be utilized for the development of creative abilities and professional skill.

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