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Faculty of Architecture

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The Bachelor’s degree curriculum is the first level. It represents basic prerequisite for the second level not only at the FA STU but for other related fields taught at other schools ( e.g. VŠVU, FA VUT, FA ČVUT etc.) This level of education aims at basic skills in architectural design and at architectural and urban planning theory basics. The core subjects are studios in (architectural, urban, landscape and product design) in the accredited study programmes. To conclude the study, students have to pass state examination and defend their final work.

The Master’s degree curriculum is a continuation of the previous level in a more profound way and within the field, through option of a direction of study ( e.g. Housing, Public Buildings, Civic Buildings,  Interior Design, Protection and Renovation in Historical Sites, Urban Architectural Planning, Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, etc.) Studio design prevails and theory subjects are selected in dependence on the topic of the studio work. The second state examination and defence of thesis finish the study.

The Doctoral study is the highest level of study aiming at acquiring skills in research methods and their use at problem solving. The study stresses foreign language academic skills, theory and methods of science. The creative and artistic aspects of the PhD study are presented in the individual work. The PhD students present the partial results of their work on a special seminar. The coordination of individual PhD topics with the scientific work of their tutors is required. The PhD curriculum at the Faculty of Architecture can be taken on a full or part-time basis. The support of the international mobility even for the Doctoral study is typical for the Faculty.

FIELDS    PROGRAMMES 1st degree (Bc) 2nd degree (Ing/Mgr) 3rd degree (PhD/ArtD)
2.1.18 History and Theory
of Architecture and Arts
Theory of Architecture
(PhD.) Petránsky
Product Design
(Bc.)  Petránsky
Product Design
(Mgr. art.) Petránsky
Interior Design
(Mgr. art.) Petránsky
(ArtD.) Petránsky
and  Urban Design
Architecture and Urban Design
(Bc.) Vodrážka
(Ing. arch.) Keppl
Structural Architecture
(Ing. arch.) Tužinský
Urban Design
(Ing. arch.) Kováč
(PhD.) Dulla
Architectural Heritage
(PhD.) Gregor
Structural Architecture
(PhD.)  Tužinský
Urban Design
(PhD.) Finka
Spatial Planning
Spatial Planning and Management
(Bc.) Finka
Spatial Planning and Management
(Ing.) Finka
Spatial Planning       
(PhD.) Finka
Landscape  Architecture
Landscape Architecture
and Planning (Bc.) Gál
Landscape  Architecture
and Planning (Ing.) Gál

The Employment Potential of Graduates

A graduate of Architecture and Urban Planning may be employed in the following positions:
- a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for independent, creative design of simple structures for different purposes under the supervision of an authorised architect. He is also eligible for architectural and urban architectural projects of a larger scale. He/she is eligible for state administration positions; in the offices of landuse development and management, environmental protection, etc. He/she is eligible to work for supplying or business civil engineering companies.
- a graduate with a master’s degree (Ing. arch.) is eligible for architectural design through The Slovak Chamber of Architects. The Chamber’s membership in ACE (European Association of Architectural Chambers) enables the free movement of professionals within their profession. The graduate is eligible to lead a working team at their design work, projection and realisation of built structures, as well as hold leading professional and managing positions in state administration, on the real estate market, and on posts related to architecture and urban architectural planning.

A graduate of Design may be employed in the following positions:
a graduate with bachelor’s (Bc.) degree is eligible for team work designing industrially produced products, as well as designing parts of products within closer unspecified fields. He/she is well prepared for works requiring design access, e.g. specific modelling activities, specified  3D design, business consultancy and advertisement.
a graduate with a master’s degree (Ing/Mgr.art.) is eligible for leading team work in developing and designing new products  up to their production. He/she is eligible to work in education sector, consultancy teams, business, state administration, environment, in advertisement companies, construction and projection companies. In all these posts he/she is able to work as an independent professional designer, as part of a team for industrial design, and as part of interdisciplinary teams. He/she is also prepared as a professional in scientific, research and teaching activities.

A graduate of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design may be employed in the following positions:
 - a graduate with a bachelor’s degree (Bc.) is eligible for managing positions covering  landscape and landuse design within architectural studios, supplying companies, state administration and local authorities. He can do basic design activities, analysis and preparatory/ancillary works within the field of landscape design and landuse planning, implementing landscape components, artistic, architectural and landuse-planning elements.
-  a graduate with a master’s degree (Ing.) is eligible to solve tasks of landscape and landuse architecture within the frame of region, settlement, residential area as well as in the frame of architectural interiors. He/she is also eligible for creative reconstruction of buildings and design in historical environment.

A graduate of Spatial Planning and Management may by employed in the following positions:
- a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for planning practise in state administration, in regional or local authorities departments, as well as in other positions related to management of environmental projects aiming at the development of rural settlements or their parts or the whole regions. The non-governmental and private sectors offer a broad scale of positions for these graduates. Here they can work on spatial and area local analyses, important for future development projects.
- an graduate with a master’s degree (Ing.) is eligible for managing positions in preparing developmental projects, namely, projects supported by European Union structural funds,  in the design of landuse plans, and development concepts for land regions of local, regional or state level. The development of rural settlements or their parts, is their main area of activity. 

Numbers  of Graduates in Master’s Degree Curricula:

Architecture   106
Urban Planning  11
Design   9
Total FA STU graduates in master’s degree curricula  126
Total FA STU graduates in bachelor’s degree curricula    119

The Doctoral Curriculum

The introduced new model of study continued to be used.

The PhD curriculum consists of fixed lectures and invited lectures or lecture courses. This system provides regularity as well as rich spectrum of presenters, including visiting professors from abroad, and discussions to topical subjects.
The fixed part of the curriculum provides the higher quality in theoretical aspects of the studied fields as well as keeping of the set terms.

The offered study programme includes fixed terms of dissertation examinations and a fixed term for the thesis project.
The yearly system for evaluation of the PhD students is unified. It includes submission of all the research results, artistic works and activities and publication results.

The fixed system of the study secured the higher quality and the keep of terms.