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intercity space for architecture at FA STU

announces launching of the


Visegrad Intercity Seminar in Architecture

under the Visegrad University Studies Grant


coordinator: Maria Topolčanská

call for students: 19.-23.9. 11


fall 2011 series of weekly evening lectures/seminars


Official launch of the Visegrad Intercity Seminar in Architecture:


11.10.11, 18.00


invited lecturers from CZ, PL, HU

representatives of the FA STU, STU  and Visegrad Fund


intercity project presentation

introduction of lecturers and curse programme


Open evening lectures:

preliminary programme

11.10.11, 19.00


architectura res publica

18.10.11, 19.00


tourism in our cities: beautifully sterilized experiences


25.10.11, 19.00


(para) architectural spaces in the work of artists of 20th and 21st centuries


8.11.11, 19.00


from broken pipes to data overflow - the architecture of urban systems




paperback theory of the second-hand city



special guest lecture

to be confirmed



special guest lecture

to be confirmed


3.- 6.6.12

final workshop with

lecturers and researchers invited for collaboration:

Laura Murgia (haz lighting, Presov), Lee Ariav (landscape architecture, Tel Aviv), Kimberly Zarecor (urban history/theory, Ostrava) and other SK, CZ architects/participants in final review,




final reviews and exhibition:

Bratislava public/gallery spaces

(to be confirmed)


Seminar work:

5 encounters with urbanity

theoretical, critical, physical, experimental excercises defined and led by lecturers,

all students participate in all 5 encounters,

reserach field work in the city

four weekly updates of reserach work: short presentations, tutorials, e- sessions


final workshop and exhibitions set up

final lectures, student presentations, opening of expo


manual for participants

Participants in the seminar will be asked to respond to the theme Facing Urban Boredom. Students will work in groups to conceive and materialise their research and position on the theme of the course. They can  produce spatial model, installation, video documentation, surveys and essays that engages with the city. The work will be presented to a panel of reviewers and the public at the end of the term and exhibited in the public gallery space

  1. observe and hunt for stereotypes, spaces , situations of urban boredom, make it an inventory, a deposit
  2. transform your observation into a an ´evidence´ of some process taking place behind urban stereotypes, think them, question them
  1. curatorial work - translate your encounter into physical form, a model, record the process  and write or record a brief commentary to it.

Collaboration in the seminar, research and final expo: invited architecture groups facing urban boredom


openning event - foyer/Nam. Slobody parking lot FA STU

lectures - Aula E.Bellus FA STU

seminar -  1st meeting: 27.9.11,18.00 intercity space N.439


Maria Topolčanská, 16.9.11