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Dear Erasmus students!

Our vertical design studio offers you again interesting topics with the opportunity to contribute to the future vision of the development of Bratislava. Our main theme for this year is “HEALTHY CITY”. About three-quarters of our health is related to the environment in which we grow and live. The environment is a complex of the built-up area, natural area and social environment, as well as our lifestyle. The structure and systems of the urban environment can support or even weaken the possibilities of a healthy lifestyle. In the current situation of a global pandemic situation, this is a very actual issue. Preferred types of mobility, energy, quality of public spaces, buildings, neighborhoods and natural elements in cities have an impact on physical, mental and environmental health. Urbanism can thus be a key determinant for planning a healthy urban environment.
The area for our case studies will be Bratislava city district Dúbravka. We have already chosen several possible development areas within Dúbravka which offers a wide range of possible urban and architectural solutions. Generally, there are several reasons why we have chosen Dúbravka: cooperation with the city district, the aim to create a comprehensive material dedicated to this dynamically developing area and also to minimize the need to travel during COVID 19 pandemic. If it would be possible (because of the pandemic), we plan thematic discussions on the issue of Dúbravka and its development with the authors of the housing estate.
Dúbravka, as originally an independent municipality with a typical historical building with narrow, extended courtyards, joined Bratislava in 1946. The significant changes of its character occur in the 1970s with the construction of large housing estate. Nowadays is Dúbravka one of the most attractive city districts of Bratislava. The studio will aim to search for the potential of sustainable development of Dúbravka with the emphasis on a healthy and well-connected city. We look forward to cooperating with you!

ERASMUS 2020/2021