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Ateliér Schleicher

Main theme of design studio is locality of Winter harbour (Zimný prístav) in Bratislava. Locality of Winter harbour is in close contact with dynamically developing area Chalupkova and Danube waterfronts. In the same time, it is locality with strong genius loci. With its attractive location and size it provides possibilities for creating a new urban spatial structure and interesting buildings of civic amenities, housing and zones for relax.

Diploma thesis (6th year) and Design Studio II (5th year) will continue with design of new building of civic amenities in terms of design of urban structure designed by students in winter term. Another possible and interesting approach is to design a building of civic amenities (museum, gallery, cultural centre, office building, ship terminal, etc.) in, at the present day, existing urban spatial structure of Winter Harbour with potential of later integration of designed building or complex of buildings to future urban development. Design Studio II is also open for Erasmus+ students.

After agreement with tutor, students can also work on architectural competition or individual assignment selected by students themselves.